burren LIFE

Farming for Conservation
in the Burren


The Burren is one of Ireland's most outstanding landscapes: a place of great beauty and fascination, steeped in history, teeming with wildlife and blessed with a rich culture and strong sense of community. Much of the Burren has been designated as Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), under the EU Habitats Directive. This obliges us to manage the Burren in such a way that future generations from near and far can continue to benefit from it.

To look after the Burren properly we must appreciate that the Burren has been shaped, not just by natural forces, but by countless generations of farmers as well. The BurrenLIFE Project has worked closely with Burren farmers and other experts to create a blueprint for farming in the Burren, through which farmers can earn a decent living from the land and continue their longstanding role as producers of quality food and custodians of a magnificent heritage and landscape.

The information contained in this website is based on five years of applied research which took place on 20 farms across the Burren. The practical, locally-targeted solutions contained herein have been tried and tested by Burren farmers on their land and closely monitored by the project team.

The BurrenLIFE Project is 75% funded through the EU LIFE-Nature fund. It is sponsored by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the project partners are Teagasc and the Burren Irish Farmers Association.